Quartz spa Aromatherapty Liftstyle Ritual
Quartz spa detox heaven

Quartz Spa Detox Heaven 1hr 15 mins £90

Engulf your senses with a full body scrub, removing dry skin before enveloping the body with detoxifying, re- balancing and cleansing  ingredients  which draw impurities and remove toxins which can assist in weight loss and reduce fluid retention.  

Body Brush – Crystal Scrub – Detox Wrap – Crystal Placement

Quartz spa skinny legs

Quartz Spa Skinny Legs  60mins £55

This intense body scrub and leg wrap draws out toxins, reduces water retention and firms the skin whilst minimizing cellulite.  

Body Brush – Detox Wrap – Crystal Placement – Moisturis

Quartz spa light skinny arms

Quartz Spa Crystal Skinny Arms 30 mins £45

Get ready to bare arms, tackle problem zones and tighten up your skin tone. This focused body brush and wrap treatment will draw out toxins, firm up sagging skin and leave you feeling body confident. 

Body Brush –  Firming Wrap – Crystal Placement – Moisturise