Dry Express pedicure 30 mins £25

If you are short of time then this express treatment is perfect. We will rasp away dry skin, tidy cuticles and nails and apply nail polish.

Add gel polish £7.50 

Add a moisturising foot boot  £5

Quartz Spa Moisture Boost Pedicure 60 mins £46

This Indulgent treatment will leave your feet feeling truly pampered. A combination of  Quartz Spa scrubs and oils are used to exfoliate and moisturise. A mask is applied and feet are warmed to allow the products to absorb deeper leaving your feet feeling soft and refreshed.  Nails and cuticles are tidied and polish applied. Option to apply gel polish £7.50

Pedicure for Men  40 mins £30 

Nails and cuticles will be tided followed by rasping and exfoliation. A massage of the lower legs and feet will ease away tension, leaving your feet soft and hydrated.

ESPA Indulgent Foot Pamper 1hr 10 mins £55

Using ESPA’s luxurious aromatherapy products the feet will be exfoliated, followed by a massage to ease away tension in the lower legs and feet.  A warm mask will then be applied. Relax while we massage your arms and hands to promote deep relaxation. Cuticles and nails will be tidied and nail polish applied. 

Option to apply gel application £7.50

Pedicure  50 mins £35

The nails and cuticles will be tidied, feet rasped and foot scrub applied. Once dry skin has been removed, we will carry out a relaxing massage, then polish will be applied. 

Add gel polish £7.50

Add mask and heated boots £7.50


We recommend removing gel polish in the salon to minimise damage to the nails. Choose one of our removal packages to ensure that your feet and nails feel nourished and pampered when leaving the salon.

Gel Polish Removal & Dry Express Pedicure £32.50

Gel Polish Removal & Pedicure 60 mins £42.50

Gel Polish removal & Moisture Boost Pedicure 1 hr 10 mins  £54.00

Gel Polish Removal & ESPA Indulgent Foot Treatment 1hr 20 mins  £62.50